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You can buy as many robots as you want, and choose between license to use for rent (renewable every 12 months) or purchase (a single version). Once the payment is confirmed, you will be able to download the installable version, you will receive full use licenses within the next 48 hours.

*Prices without VAT. Purchases made from Spain will have 21% VAT added

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License for use that includes 1 Robot Cartes and 1 RPA Developer. Programmable with any programming language compatible with Windows (C #, JavaScript, VisualBasic, Delphi, VC ++, VBS, Python …). It also has its own language, Cartes Script, the first object-oriented language. With this license you will be able to enjoy an unlimited process time for the development of your processes.

RPA Suite is the platform designed, developed and manufactured by Rigel Technologies. A team with extensive experience for a decade in the field of automation with robots. RPA Suite commits on tools for professionals that allow the reengineering of processes and meet the requirements of software quality: Robust, Legible, Reusable, Reliable and Maintainable.


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Buy., Renting.