Rigel Technologies’ professional team, provides full support for developers training in our Technology Partners program, ensuring successful implementations and assisting in commercial training in our Business Partners program, so they know the full potential of the tool, and how to make  its commercialization easier.

We offer our partners all the necessary training for absolute control of the tools. We will train your team to take advantage of all their performance and obtain RPA certification.

Download our free version and start your first steps in RPA SUITE

You can do it for free through our “Fast Session”.
This online session allows professionals to evaluate RPA Suite. Consist of the following :

  1. Installation and configuration of Robot Cartes, RPA Developer, RPA Server.
  2. Robot integration with any programming language. Examples for Java, C# and Visual Basic script.
  3. RPA Suite Tour.

The training will be carried out through our virtual Academy, specially designed for the training of RPA automated process developers from Rigel Technologies. You can consult online, the content and news of the course as well as resolve any questions through the consultation forum or directly by consulting the teacher.