A technology with incredible potential

RPA Suite is the platform designed, developed and manufactured by Rigel Technologies. A team with extensive experience for a decade in the field of automation with robots. RPA Suite’s commitment on tools for professionals that allow the reengineering of processes and meet the quality requirements that professionals are used to printing in the software: Robust, Legible, Reusable, Reliable and Maintainable.

Since 2008, the Rigel Technologies team became aware that automation requires individual solutions, approaching to our customers to meet their needs, allowing them to lead among many other projects in the first large robotic process automation in a leading telecommunications company

The incorporation of the A.I. plus A.I. of swarm revolutionized the concept of automation, allowing companies that implement the RPA Suite platform to enjoy robustness and reliability in their processes never seen until now or only dreamed by others.

The RPA Suite platform is a swarm of robots endowed with Artificial Intelligence, a single entity that can run without limit and simultaneously processes in the back office and/or as a front office assistant. The Artificial Intelligence of swarm theoretically has no limit of scalability, its limits are in external factors. Being able to implement a platform from a robot to what the client needs.

Automation with RPA Suite allows companies to really get the main benefits of this technology, not only in productive efficiency, but in the complete integration of automation into tasks that were previously performed by human teams, or that are integrated as support in those processes that require human decisions.


The graph shows some of the capabilities of Robot Cartes. Through [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”qgoRU9axWkI&rel=false” width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=”RPA Framework”], exclusive and registered by Rigel Technologies, you can use Robot Cartes and take advantage of its Artificial Intelligence in a professional platform that a programmer will assimilate in a few minutes. Forget the linear processes of over patched macro recorders. With RPA Framework you will develop endless branches: Different entry points, with different options and a multitude of endings in their processes. Artificial Intelligence will allow you to leave behind many concerns about changes in interfaces. Robot Cartes will find and click your button even if it changes its appearance or position. Its compatibility with the most widespread systems ([video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”xFZbEnMa2ys&rel=false” width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=”Siebel”], Flash, SAP, Clarify, Peoplesoft, Sage…)literally make it the most powerful on the market. Its Swarm Intelligence will distribute the workload among all their Robots, quality that will make it more robust facing system downtime and it will reduce your peak workloads. RPA Suite is the elite, the number one platform in Robotic Process Automation.



When we speak of robustness we refer to the ability to react to exceptional situations not contemplated in the software. In this way, the process can continue despite unexpected problems

Robustness ensures that serious or catastrophic events will not be caused, behaving reasonably even in unanticipated situations.

In technical details if errors occur in your software, the robustness will make a display of appropriate error messages, so you can finish the application safely for the data. Facing errors while it is running


Legibility within the context of software development refers to the way in which the information is structured, that is, everything must be clearly documented, and with an ease of use agile and easy to understand. This will achieve a greater understanding of the project, and the relevant modifications are easier to realize.


The need for reuse stems from the observation that software systems often follow similar patterns; quality software must offer the possibility of taking advantage of this similarity and thus avoid reinventing solutions to problems that have already been solved previously. Capturing such a pattern, a reusable software element can be applied in many different developments: reducing costs and errors, and increasing reliability.


Software reliability refers to the accuracy with which an application provides, without errors, the services that were established in the original specifications


It must be possible for the software to evolve to meet the changing needs of the environment and to continue to meet its specifications.